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Finding the right books:

Finding the right book for your desired topic has always been challenging sometimes. Everyone wants to learn something from someone with experience. Jasmine Hajro is the name that pops up in the mind when we hear the word 'Experience'. We find many books that we consider to be space-filler. However, sometimes some books not only connect the reader but also reflects an insight of the author. A turning point for a reader starts when he perceives the author's advice but act upon them too. A single book that can change a reader's style of reasoning is the greatest book of all time.

I have encountered an author that had not only changed my way of thinking but will change yours too. Jasmine Hajro is also an influential name that comes to mind in the world of books and writers.

What makes an author different from others?

The personal and life experience is what makes him different from others. A person who has the experience of life's hardships and still not surrendering to the most troublesome condition has something in himself. One way of learning about him is through his book.

'' The person who will make you rich is You."

Jasmin Hajro.

He has experiences not only of life but also in entrepreneurship and is expert in finance. His books "victory", "victory 2", and "victory3" are the autobiography of his different chapters of life.

About Victory Series:

He describes his childhood and preteen life during the war and how war can affect families and lives of people, How he fought worst circumstances with domestic difficulties. In his second book of victory, he wants to say that even if you lost everything, you still didn't lose if you believe in yourself. In Victory 3, he describes his daily life as he had now gained victory in his life.

There are more amazing books that are available on his website or which can be bought through his social media links.

Article by Danish Usmani

For more info about Jasmin and his books, please visit

Danish Usmani, Pakistan

Writer of articles, seo and online marketing specialist

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I started establishment Hajro in 2015

After 5 years it has proven it self and still exists

We sell unique greetingcards, giftmugs and books written by Jasmin Hajro.

We also donate to 15 charities in the Netherlands

Below a few reasons to become our customer or do business with us

and a bit info about our subsidiaries

plus a opportunity to invest in Hajro International.

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Reasons to start a relationship with Hajro enterprises :

You help a person with a disability to work .

You contribute to 15 Charities

You enjoy unique products

You can count on Jasmin and Hajro

As a customer you are protected against various forms of scams :

this perhaps raises more questions than it answers and is a bit controversial...

I watch the channel CoffeeZilla on youtube,

the videos are about people scamming people,

with investment opportunities, business opportunities,

products, overpriced courses and so on,

there are on the internet also people who give sales advice who have no experience in selling .....

I will not allow you to trade stocks or currency :

that is speculation, not investing and speculation is gambling, which is bad for you .

I will not allow you to invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency,

can you buy groceries with it ?

If the answer is no, it's bad for you.

I will not allow you to join a multi level marketing opportunity,

why ?

When you are gonna be entreprenerial or start a business,

what do you need first to do ?

Get salestraining, learn to sell !

I don't care how much Robert Kiyosaki loves MLM.

First learn to sell yourself.

At Hajro you have a 1 year money back guarantee !

You know where it is , who works there, what you get

it's transparant and you can always get your money back

and you can always reach Jasmin by email or social media.

You can see our donations for yourself on published bank statements

at page donations.

Jasmin is a hard worker and you want to help him

You get self-designed greeting cards that are not available anywhere else in the world

You sponsor the savings box of Jasmin's nephew and niece

It is more cost effective at Hajro

You help our deliverers to keep working

You keep in touch with your family and friends the old-fashioned way, which is appreciated

You share your success and are charitable

You are generous and it makes you feel better

You really help people

You help us to really help people by giving work and donations

You have known Hajro and Jasmin for more than 5 years

You show that you are committed to our neighborhood and our region

You simply feel better when you contribute

You support a '' people first '' organization or a social workplace

You enable us to find work for even more limited people

You associate with a winner

company Hajro 

is founded on september 1st 2015,

and sells unique greetingcards (designed by Jasmin Hajro),

giftmugs ,

and books Internationally.

Hajro also donates to 15  charities in the Netherlands.

Dutch website is at

book Poems, jokes and book by Jasmin Hajro

Giftmug with the Hajro logo, filled with candy and wrapped as a gift.

More than 200 sold ,door to door

           Birthday greetingcard, designed by Jasmin Hajro.

More than 200 sold

What everybody wants

by reading the title many people will have many different thoughts. Some think happiness is the key in life some think that health is wealth and some will think that money is everything you need. Well, The answer is all three. The influential book of the writer jasmin hajro defines it all in one. Grasp all the methods like the back of your hand by reading and implying it in your life.

About your Health:-The first question that will come to your mind about an infant or a senior citizen is of their health. Basically, This is the summary of life health is and will always be the main reason of life for a person, but how to gain or maintain good health? Health is something that is forgotten in our life instead of being our first and foremost priority. It is directly controlled by the brain. Jasmin hajro has given the perfect recipe of "A healthy mind in a healthy body" in this book.

Earn with your Mind:-Making good money is everyone's goal, but some people make the mistake of not following their goal and dreams. The real secret is to follow your dreams like a rule breaker. Giving all your blood, sweat and tears to something without any precise goals is equal to waste it. As the writer of this book says" Build a Dividend Portfolio that pays you every year,and build your fortune."jasmin hajro

The right direction for happiness:The most misunderstood concept for happiness is that you gain by achieving your goals. Happiness is something to be found not to achieve. You can feel happy in the process of going towards your goal and by giving your best try."People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be."Abraham lincolnYou will not only found your inner peace through this whole book but, also some useful life lessons to remember. After reading this book, you will realize that you have found the ultimate guiding direction in your life.

Article by Danish Usmani

What everybody wants, Secret to health, wealth and happiness

Preview from Recipe for Happiness: *A few Happiness Ingredients in a row: - Watch comedy every day, at least one hour - Eat ice cream, treat someone with an ice cream - Work out, get rid of your frustration by playing tennis or go for a run - Pee in the yard (and if you get a fine for urinating, laugh your a** off) - Do not worry, life is too short for that (by staying busy, you do not have time to worry) - Hug the people that you love* to live healthier how to eat healthier and how to loose weight in a healthy way common sense advice get it now and start living a healthier life because your health is the most important. Gives you all the steps you need to take, every month and every year. To make the money that you save, grow faster. The returns that you get quarterly, every half year and yearly will become bigger and bigger. Thanks to this self reinforcing money system. So that after 30 or 40 years you will have a much stronger retirement. Get healthy, loose weight and stay healthy with The Diet Reduce your stress and live happier with Recipe for Happiness Build a Dividend Portfolio that pays you every year, and build your fortune


The Times of Fake and Pretend:

-When you read the title you can't grasp its meaning at once. The first thought that will hit your mind is that 'are these the times of fake and pretend?' In fact, all the eras of time have been fake all the time. "The World is an Illusion and you are the Magician."These are the times in where no one is true to themselves. Where deception and conspiracies are being practiced in the open road. It not only cause the roots of corruption to grow but it makes the real one engulfed in this depravity too.

Being real in times of fake:

-You may think it is easy to live in these times but here you are wrong. To live in an era where corruption is at its zenith the bad deeds may appear as good. No one knows what is the right thing to do which is the most challenging thing. Jasmin Hajro has described the real meaning of being real and true to oneself in his inspirational book: "Being true and real in times of fake and pretend"The perfect book to describe how you should live and make time to improve yourself. How to work on ourselves for our betterment.

 "A wise man recognizes the world is an illusion so he can escape his sufferings" Buddha

You can check his amazing work on his website and get updates from his Facebook, you will be guaranteed to found something new in your daily life.

The book ia available at

Article written by Danish Usmani

Being real and true, in times of fake and pretend

I have selfpublished my books at several selfpublishing , Amazon's KDP, , , , Notion , and so on... I have also approached traditional publihing companies... On one of their websites they offer this ''service'' and it literally says ''most books are written by a ''ghostwriter'' Most of the time the author of a book is an expert on something.... What does that tell you about most experts ??? Is that the reason you feel you've been trying things and it did't work ? Why you feel, you've been burnt ? Why you lost faith in personal development ? Why you are suspicious about professional development ? Get this boxset now, meet a true expert and change your life for the better



The 3 Proven Success Secrets:

The book written by jasmin hajro speaks for itself. it can be called an outstanding book because you will find a perfect combination of an influential writer, a motivational speaker, and the most successful entrepreneur. Each of their lives and works has influenced history in their own way. You can clearly see the message the author is trying to convey through these personalities.

Stephen king -the Influential Writer:

Stephen king a well-known name in the world of books for creating horror thrillers and science fiction novels. I have given the word "Influential" to him due to his passion and love of writing books. Some people lose their will and determination to follow their dreams but he had shown through his life that even if you fail seven times then stand up an eighth time to keep walking. His books are not only filled with powerful story concepts but also give the reader a memorable time to cherish.

Brian Tracy-the motivational speaker:

The perfect example to keep progressing in life even if it is a small achievement. He is not only a successful writer but also an influential sales manager. He was born in very poor circumstances and started from scratch very late in life but he never gave up. We can find many things from his life from which we will realize that the only thing we need in our lives to be successful is ourselves.

"Read, listen, continuously learn and grow. You can learn anything if you really want to."

Brian Tracy

William Rosenberg-The entrepreneur:

Last but not the least, the founder of Dunkin Donuts. His company does not need any introduction in itself but his late-life does. Rising from delivery boy to national sales manager at the age of twenty-one. By using his abilities and learning different strategies as a delivery boy. He implemented them in his business and work. He showed how the process of learning never stops.

All of these personalities may be different but their lives give one message in their own way that is to never stop and never give up because your action will turn the tables of your own life.  


Victory,part 1 The first part of my autobiography. I take you to my native Bosnia. Where I was born and lived. Until the war started. Then we moved a number of times,and finally fled to the Netherlands. You also receive a Bonus book: book Recipe for Happiness Experience less stress & live happier thanks to this joy bringing book. A piece from the book: The war had started between Bosnia and Serbia. We had moved because the enemies came too close. We have moved a number of times. My father had to fight for Bosnia, in the battlefield. And was not always with us. We left the village and we were in an abandoned house. I do not remember what that place is called. We have harvested grain,and grown potatoes. We took care of the cow of uncle Ibro,Galava. True story. Victory II the second part of my autobiography When I started to smoke, drink and take other rubbish. When I survived a coma. When I collapsed and stopped drinking... Discover the success secrets that made Stephen King, Brian Tracy and the founder of Dunkin Donuts extremely successful, and how you can use them get it now 

Hajro Publishing

publishes your book and makes it available for sale on many online bookstores, including Lulu, Kobo,

Streetlib, Mijnmanagementboek, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

The rights to your work are your property and remain so.

Royalty payments will go directly to you.

Hajro Publishing has only a distribution license to make your book available for sale

in many online bookstores and will only be mentioned as your publisher.


You get a free Author Website.

E 497,-

Contact us at

Hajro Franchise

If you have experience in door to door selling...

You can buy our franchise,

start having your own business,

and start selling our unique

greetingcards and giftmugs

door to door.

Your photo will be added to our companys website,

and our products will be delivered to your home.

You get 15000 greetingcards,

the pitch and company bag.

You sell packages of 5 greetingcards,

for 5 euro or 5 dollar each.

You get 15000 cards : 5 = 3000 packages, x 5 euro/dollar =

15000 euro/dollar

Great investment and a great return.

You also have lifetime employment.

E 3999,-

Your first order for Hajro Franchise License + 3000 sets

2nd order for 6000 sets of greetingcards that you sell for

30000,- euro/dollar

E 4999,-

If you want

order 100000 greetingcards,

that's 20000 sets and sell them for

100000,- euro/dollar

that's a onetime investment of only

E 21999,-

Contact us at

Dutch franchise website is at

Hajro Coaching

20 years program

of monthly video coaching calls

for your money growth.

You follow the money system from book Build Your Fortune every month and I coach you

to make sure that all the steps get done and you make progress and end up with a fortune

E 99999,-

Hajro Consulting

By video and chat

ongoing communication by email.

Accountability to achieve your sales and profit goals.

Only for people that sell door to door.

E 199,-

Author website :

'' Let's do business and work together ''

Jasmin Hajro, business owner and author...

Founder , salesman and also the marketing guy of :

Hajro International and subsidiaries.
Ottawastraat 19,
the Netherlands

Email :

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number : 81226721

Tax id : NL003562485B88 


Best selling products

birthday greetingcard
book Recipe for happiness

For investors :

Company Hajro is a sole proprietorship that sells packages of

 unique birthday greetingcards 

and giftmugs door to door in city Doetinchem

and surrounding cities and villages, in the Netherlands.

 Company Hajro also sells the books of Jasmin Hajro trough online bookstores 

like amazon , kobo, smashwords and barnes and noble.

Hajro donates to 15 charities in the Netherlands,

for people struggling financially, newborn with parents with low means , 

people with disabilities and homeless people to name a few.

Occasionally Hajro sells printed pens and greetingcard subscriptions.

Company Hajro is founded at the dutch Chamber of Commerce in city Arnhem

on september 1st 2015.

In the netherlands every company has a registration number at the Chamber of Commerce, this number is often on their website, letters and marketing material.

At the website of the Chamber of Commerce you can look up the company 

by name or by typing this registration number, you can then see basic information

and order more information about the company and owners.

Go to

click on zoeken which means search and type in Hajro or  81226721

then you'll see the establishment, subsidiaries, address and coreactivity.

It also proves that the company pays taxes.


sales greetincards package or giftmug 318 , profit E 1590

sales printed pen or lighter 22,- , profit 22,- euro

sale subscriptions , profit 75,-

Total profit E 1687,- euro


sales greetingcards or giftmug 351,5 profit E 1757,50

sales pen/ subscription profit 29,-

Total profit E 1786,50


sales greetingcards / giftmug 553 profit E 2765,-

sales books/ subscription E 368,50

Total profit E 3133,50


sales greetingcards/giftmug 630,50 profit E 3152,50

sales books E 89,46

Total profit E 3241,96


sales greetingcards / giftmug 1112,5 profit E 5562,50

sales books E 71,58 

Total profit E 5634,08

Life is unpredictable, so I am cautious with making predictions,

but the goal to increase sales 25 to 50% annually is realistic,

and has been achieved a couple of times.

So the forecast is 


sales greetingcards / giftmug 1390 profit E 6950

sales books E 100

Total profit E 7500,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 1738 profit E 8690,-

sales books E 150

Total profit E 8840,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 2173 profit E 10865,-

sales books E 200

Total profit E 11065,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 2717 profit E 13585,-

sales books E 250,-

Total profit E 13835,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 3397 profit E 16985,-

sales books E 300,-

Total profit E 17285,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 4247 profit E 21235,-

sales books E 350,-

Total profit E 21585,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 5309 profit E 26545,-

sales books E 400,-

Total profit E 26945,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 6637 profit E 33185,-

sales books E 450,-

Total profit E 33635,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 8297 profit E 41485,-

sales books E 900,-

Total profit E 42385,-


sales greetingcards / giftmug 10372 profit E 51860,-

sales books E 1800,-

Total profit E 53660,-

By now some of my books are also published by traditional publishers,

putting them on sale in offline bookstores.

And being selfmade and successful,

more revenues are added from speaking and consulting.

Hajro is no longer a sole propietorship but a BV, which is similar to an LLC

it has stocks and tax advantages.


sales greetingcards / giftmug 12965 profit E 64825,-

sales books E 3600

speaking & consulting E 10000,-

Total profit E 78425,-

The forecast is based on a realistic and cautious growth in sales of just 25% a year.

Cost of operating the business is E 2000,- a year ,

(excluding salary/commission and taxes.)

At the beginning Jasmin used to order greetingcards in Belgium

and resell them, since 2018 he designed his own greetingcards

giving the company unique products.

Jasmin received subsidy from the governent in 2020

for 3 years. The earnings of the company are settled with the subsidy 

which is E 650,- euro a month.

In the beginning Jasmin was scattered,

doing the selling, follow up, marketing, advertizing

building a online store....

After learning from personal experience,

he is now focused on selling door to door 5 a 6 days a week

and writes a new booklet every quarter.

He reduced cost in 2020/2021

Because of all this, the sales results have improved,

and also the net profit.

Copany Hajro operates by blue ocean strategy.

The annual return on your investment is 6 to 12 %

funds are used to buy sales supplies :

for example

we order 100,000 greetingcards for 10,000 euro and selling them for 1 euro a piece,

earning a 100,000 euro gross profit

and to market and advertize the books,

and hire salespeople and a article writer who can grow the companys revenue.

Except for the evergreen giftmug, my business is sustainable because of human long as people want to talk to another human, as long as they want to interact and be heard., as long as they want sincere attention, my door to door selling business is sustainable untill I die, regardless of the product being a printed pen, giftmug, package of greetingcards or a giftset. 

Maybe you would like better terms ?

It's good  to grow your money,

but it's better to double it ...

That's why you want to invest it in the first place...

It is best and more attractive for you if you could double your money with an investment....

For example if you invest 20thousand euro and I give you 25% roi per year

You receive 5000 euro per year, payed out monthly is 417 euro

After the duration time of 11 years you will have more than doubled your money, which makes it worthwhile for you....

You would get 5000 x 11 = 55000 euro

Beacause I have already increased my sales and profits with more than 30% per year in the last years, I am certain that I can pay you that ROI

That's the most realistic and best deal that I can give you, do you agree ?

Invest now, because after reaching funding of 200k 

this investment opportunity will no longer be available

to ensure a healthy debt to profits ratio.

Transfer your investment to 

Paypal :

or bank transfer to :

NL89 RBRB 0205 0934 85


Bic / Swift Code : RBRBNL21

Hajro is a customer or Regiobank,

where it has it's business account

you know how strict their customer approval policies are at banks.

In the 13th month after investing,

you'll get 2 monthly payouts

one is the return on investment of 0,5 to  3 % monthly

and a payback of 1/120 of your investment monthly.

So that every year you have gotten back 1/10th of your initial investment

and a ROI of 25%.

Radiation is 11 years.

For any questions please contact Jasmin

by mail, email, only sms text at 0626800516 or social media.

The goal is to increase sales and profits 25 to 50% every year, 

while staying a low cost operation.

In the future there will be invested in a offline self service store,

a 45 km/h company car to reduce travelingtime,

and visiting other cities and villages to sell door to door in new markets.

This is not the most expensive website or copywriting but it is 

good enough for our thousands of customers.

I will continue to sell greetingcards and write books

untill retirement, that's the best guarantee that I can give you,

because over time I will become excellent at both by study and practice.

In the past 5 years of running my business Hajro,

we have received some testimonials in dutch,

below you can read the translations :

"We are very satisfied with the beautiful cards from Hajro. Keep it up. ''

Freriks-H, Doetinchem

"In a word great! The presents that Hajro sends are very nice and wrapped in an incredibly beautiful gold colored paper. The painting with gold frame hangs above my door. I recommend everyone to work with Hajro! ''

Meun - Arnhem

"I am very satisfied with the beautiful cards from Hajro! ''

Annemarie, Doetinchem

"Hajro's service has surprised me positively. The customer service is simply excellent. After I received a confirmation of the order by postcard, the present arrived a few days later: a pleasure to unpack! I highly recommend Hajro's service. ''

Steed, Arnhem

"Thank you for your donation to our foundation!"

Baby Hope Foundation

Dear Hajro Foundation, For a long time we wondered who donates a small one anyway, but nice contribution. Now we have figured it out and we want to thank you very much for you contribution.

Foundation allows the sick child to enjoy

"We were pleasantly surprised with the donation! And will spend it well on Campus Challenge, children with a disability, India. Sincerely."

Friends Indeed foundation

"As Mary's Meals, we received a donation from you. We also honor small gifts and thank you for them. ''

Mary's meals

Dear Jasmin, Thank you very much for your donation, also on behalf of all groups that Mama Cash supports.

Mama Cash

"Thank you for your donation."

Food Bank foundation

"Thank you again for the nice post I received last Friday! The new flyer has turned out very nice. You can certainly be proud of that! "


'' How fantastic that we were allowed to receive a donation from you ''

Mama Cash

"This month we received a gift from the Giveth Life Foundation. Thank you very much for that. ''

foundation Diva Close by

Thank you for your donations

Food Bank foundation

Thank you for all donations to our organization.

foundation Giveth Life

Thank you for your donation. A wonderful amount, with which War Child even more can give children a chance for a better life.

War child

We regularly receive a (modest) gift from you, thank you very much for that! A small gesture from a big heart!

Present foundation

And I got 1 review for my book Recipe For Happiness :


The booklet is very easy to read. Nicely described and great tips! There are some writing errors, but you are happy to include them

by Saartje on February 7, 2020 

Jasmin's Books popularity at Barnes and Noble :

Jasmin's Books popularity at :


Jasmin's best selling books at :

Number of Jasmin's books sold at :

Jasmin's best selling books at :

Jasmin's best selling books at :

Number of Jasmin's books sold at :

To get to know Jasmin and his books better, 

please visit

Thank you for choosing Hajro.

Disclaimer : As you already know , Investing always involves risk. 

Customers of Hajro can decide to buy elsewhere. In this case, new customers can be found by selling in surrounding cities and villages of city Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

Jasmin Hajro, the owner can die. In this case, you will get your money back from Jasmin's sister : Emina Hajro, who will inherit the company.

Make sure that you understand how the company earns money, before investing in it.

In all other cases, investing in Hajro International is low risk, because the company has been around for a while and it is already profitable and low cost.